Pickup and Delivery

I am a one-person operation and I know the value of My customers. Getting my products in their hands is my priority. Unfortunately, current economic conditions are making this more difficult every day. I will, however, do whatever is reasonable and feasible to get the products you order into your hands. On occasion, this might require some understanding and flexibility on the customer's side.  I greatly appreciate that understanding and flexibility.

1. All of my products and prices are listed on my website at https://faithapiaries.ca Please consult this resource to help you choose the products you would like to order. Use the "Contact" form to submit your order.  Or simply email me at [email protected]

2. When placing an order, please include your choice of pickup or delivery.

3. If you choose to pick up your order, please let me know the day and time as best you can so I can have your order ready and can be available when you arrive. Simply contact me if you need directions to the honey farm.  Plans sometimes change and if yours do, just let me know so I can adjust my day accordingly.

4. If you choose delivery, please include all the relevant details such as exactly the product(s) you want, delivery address, your email address, and optionally, your phone number. Be sure to indicate the best method to contact you should I need clarification or additional information. It is vital that you include ALL the information that I need, with your order. Since nobody knows exactly where I will be and when, I might be right around the corner with the products you want. If I'm missing information, your order will likely be delayed for at least a week. Help me help you.

5. Yes, I actually do provide free delivery. I have no minimum order requirement. I only ask that you consider what a free delivery costs my small business when you order. Tips are optional but always appreciated!

6. Free delivery is executed on a "Best Effort" model. This means that I will not guarantee a delivery schedule, date or time. In order to offer free delivery, I need to perform such deliveries when I am in your area on other business. Most deliveries are made within seven days of receiving complete order details.  Once I know your delivery day, I will inform you of such.  At that time, I will try to give you my best-guess as to what time I'll be delivering but there are no guarantees on time.  I do ask that you are either available to receive your order at that time or that you give me "safe drop" instructions.

7. There is no allowance in my free delivery policy for being unable to deliver product once I've arrived at your location.  It is very important to understand that if I am unable to delivery your product once I arrive, this puts a huge strain on my ability to offer free delivery and if I encounter this regularly, I will be forced to revoke my offer of free delivery for an individual or even for everyone.  Don't be the deciding factor.

8. If you need delivery faster than the "Best Effort" model can provide, I would be happy to provide you with a delivery cost estimate. Contact me by email if you require such a quote.