Our clover and wildflower honey has no equal.  You need to try it only once to taste the difference.  Buy with confidence!  With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, there's no reason to not try some, unless of course, you're afraid of getting hooked on Manitoba's Most Delicious Honey!

Wax and Candles

Our beeswax is filtered using a special Carbon and Diatomaceous Earth filtration process. This filtration produces an extra pure, clean and smooth beeswax product that we have never seen duplicated in Manitoba and has become a fan favorite among our customers who are makers of soaps, creams and balms.

Feed Supplements

"There are bioactive elements present within floral nectar & pollen that provide growth and immune factors to the honeybee beyond that of protein & carbohydrate."


High quality beekeeping equipment at competitive prices.